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There are 43 municipalities in the province of Agrigento and it has a total population of about 490,000 inhabitants.  The provincial capital is Agrigento, a famous city in an enchanting location, situated on the two hills overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the extremely famous Valley of Temples, with about 50,000 inhabitants. Thanks to its famous monuments and its climate, Agrigento is an exceptional tourist hub.


Founded by colonists from Gela in 582 BC, the city quickly became a very important center, developing enough strength and beauty to be considered one of the most splendid cities of the ancient world. It was then dominated by the Carthaginians, the Romans, the Byzantines and, in the Middle Ages, by the Arabs, the Normans, the Swabians and the French. It was later dominated by the Spaniards and the Bourbons. In 1860 it was liberated by Giuseppe Garibaldi. The most fascinating part of Agrigento is undoubtedly the renowned Valley of Temples, an imposing testament of Ancient Greece in Sicily. The area holds the most extensive archeological park in the world: about 1300 hectares. The Valley of Temples has ten Doric temples, three sanctuaries and several burial grounds. Since 1997, the Valley of Temples has on the UNESCO World Heritage for all Humanity list.

The territory of this province is hilly and mountainous everywhere. The tallest peaks are just over 1500 meters high and are the Sicani Mountains. From north to south, the highlands slope all the way down to the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, forming a rather low and slightly jagged coast without any significant gulfs and with Porto Empedocle and Licata being the major ports. The windy and chilly climate in the winter is contrasted by dry heat in the summer. There are vineyards in this area of Sicily that produce wines with unique personalities.


The main local wine production involves processing local Inzolia wine grapes, known and liked by Pliny in ancient Rome, who distinguished it from other varieties and recognized it as one of the best whites on the entire island. The Inzolia is acknowledged as one of the heirs of Sicilian wine-making heritage. It withstands the extreme climate that characterizes this area and is a vigorous plant with medium-size, pentagon-shaped leaves.

It has quite large, conically shaped and medium-packed bunches with thick-skinned grapes that are powdery and golden yellow or amber in color with a crisp, sweet and aromatic flesh. Fermented separately, it provides a fine, straw-yellow wine with greenish highlights. Its flowery and fruity fragrances are perceptible as it is an aromatic variety. It is rather full-flavored and has good alcohol content, acidity and contours, features that make it well-balanced.

Produced on the brackish soil of Western Sicily from local Inzolia grapes. Fermented separately with a pronounced fragrance, fruity aromas and slight herbaceous tones.
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